Web Site FAQs

meetwithGod.com FAQs

I want to find the time and place for my son’s Sunday School Class.  How do I find this?
In the upper right hand corner of each page there is a search box. Enter a word or words, such as Sunday School, in the search box. A list of links is displayed. Click on the link that is closest to what you want.

How can I listen to a sermon?
Sermons from about the past two years are available on the web site. To listen to any of these sermons, go to the Sermon Archive page under Worship.

How do I communicate my comments about the website?
Email the web team at webmaster@meetwithGod.com.  The link to the webmaster is at the bottom of every page.

Our work group is holding a special event. How can I get this onto the website?
Send your announcements and pictures to webcontent@meetwithGod.com. Please provide your content in the format that it should be on the web.