The Chili and Chocolate Cook-Off Announces the Judges! Come out on Sunday, March 24 at 5 pm for dinner. You are sure to be fed and entertained at the same time. Dinner menu is chili, chili, and more chili, salad, cornbread, and anything chocolate for dessert. We need at least 15 people to enter their ‘award-winning’ or even better, edible chili entrees! We need at least 15 people to enter their ‘anything chocolate’ for dessert. We will award the first annual GOLDEN LADLE to the winning chili entrée and the GOLDEN WHISK to the winning chocolate dessert.

Enter today by emailing Devika Gill: or Lisa Kulp:

Tickets will be available between church services, Sunday March 17th or 24th in Fellowship Hall. Or go to the church office. $15/adult and $10/child 12 and under ($40/max per family). This fundraiser will benefit the Fire Safety Capital Improvement Campaign.


Alex Bewley: Sophomore food marketing major at St. Joe’s University. known for her love of healthy eating, she brings a refined palate to the judging challenge. Alex isn’t a meat eater so make sure your veggie game is strong. Hmmm, is Alex just looking for a stint on CHOPPED/College Edition?

HeyYoung Horton: Known for NOT cooking, HeyYoung has vowed ‘not to be bought’ in her quest for the winning entries. Is her love for spicy foods a tip-off to our entrants?

Kevin Proctor: Over 35 years in research and development in the food industry, with stints at Campbell Soup Company, Del Monte Foods and currently with Hatfield Quality Meats. As Kevin likes to say, “I’ve had my hands, nose and taste-buds in everything from soup to salmon – everywhere from Alaska to Cape May.” Kevin will bring FOR REAL skills to this event!

Robin & Dave Stepp: Robin “Hoagie” Stepp, never to be bested by anyone in the FUMC kitchen with spaghetti and meatballs, brings skill and her food connoisseur husband to the cook-off. Will their gastronomy skills be tested by a chocolate cheesecake versus a chocolate mousse?

Wendy & Bill Holden: These two will be chili-challenged. We know that they can make the world’s best Swedish pancake, but can they tell a chili pepper from a lingonberry? Bill has been heard to utter to Wendy, quick get the fire extinguisher, my fried turkey is going up in flames! Well, at least we know Bill will bring his Café Madison background to the cook-off decision-making.

Jim Blizard: Jim comes to us highly recommended as a hot wing judge in other food competitions. You know what that means – order more bottles of hot sauce. Jim’s nose knows what to look for as he has been cooking for his family for years. Maybe he will give us HIS winning recipes!!!

Kathy Clawges’ youth culinary team has thrown down their chili challenge to any and all comers. They were the first entry and we are salivating to taste their secret recipe. Could there be more than
one youth entry???

See these judges at work on Sunday, March 24. Come hungry and go home happy.

Bring your chili or chocolate dessert to Fellowship Hall/Kitchen by 4:30 on March 24th.

Crock Pots welcome.