Dear Friends:

With Spring right around the corner, I want to give an update regarding the church’s COVID-19 response. With the governor’s latest adjustment to indoor attendance numbers for certain activities (including religious services) I’m happy to announce that effective this Sunday, March 7, we will be increasing our maximum number allowed in both the sanctuary and Fellowship to 100. This means that 100 persons can gather in the sanctuary and 100 can gather in Fellowship Hall.

While this is a very hopeful step toward a return to a “new normal” (post-COVID), we must be sure not to let our guard down now that we can see an end to the pandemic in sight. Therefore, masks must be worn at all times while indoors and cover both the nose and the mouth. Social distancing must also be maintained with a minimum of six feet separating those in attendance. We must also continue not to bring food or drink inside.

I thank you for your continued cooperation with these protocols. I’m happy to say that while we had a few instances of people who unknowingly had COVID while in church, our protocols worked and the disease was not transmitted to other persons. Finally, I would encourage you to get the vaccine as soon as possible if you are comfortable doing that. HeyYoung and I now have received both shots, and I can tell you that it gives you great peace of mind! 
Grace, Peace & Stay Safe!

Pastor Tom