Book Studies

Monday Morning Women’s Group

We are currently winding down studying of the book: Missionary Mindset by Douglas Ruffle, and will begin a new study of “The Call” by Adam Hamilton, on Aug. 2nd. This book follows the journeys of Paul, beginning with his dramatic conversion, as he spreads the Gospel through modern-day Greece and Turkey. In this 6-week study, we are invited to experience faith through Christ’s greatest teacher and missionary. We are now meeting in person in the church parlor every Monday from 9:30-11:00 a.m.
To join us contact Peggy Koenitzer at

Thursday Morning Women’s Group

PLEASE NOTE….We will NOT meet next Thursday, July 29th and will resume Thursday, August 5th.

As Sisters in Christ we share, pray and study God’s word through a variety of sources. We will be discussing the sermons from now until September when we will begin a new study. We meet Thursday mornings in the church parlor from 8-9:30 AM Please contact Carol Talbot at 856-235-9346 for more information.

Eureka!  Book Club

Rev. Patti Walz will be leading a monthly book club named “Eureka! Book Club.” The word “Eureka” comes from the Greek word “heureka” that means “I have found it! “or, “I have made a sudden remarkable discovery!”  In the New Testament, Phillip exclaims to Nathanael, “Eureka!  We have found him whom Moses and the prophets spoke of.” 

Each month, participants will read a book that is fodder for discussion, growth, inspiration, and/or discipleship action leading to many “eureka” opportunities. Book club members should read or listen to the book before our first meeting and jot down questions or discussion points to be shared. Each book is available through, through the local library system, or any online or actual (yes, there are still a few around!) bookstore (if open.)

There will be no meetings in July and August. We are hoping to have in person meetings starting in September. If you would like to join the group, please contact Patti Walz at or 315-382-0977.