Sunday School

A Place Where Jesus is Honored

Confirmation Class

9:30 Sunday School

2 Years Old Room E-102
3 & 4 Years Old Room E-104
Kindergarten &
1st Grade
Room E-202
2nd & 3rd Grades Room F-104
4th & 5th Grades Community Room
6th, 7th, 8th Grades Room F-05
Adult Classes Heritage Room
Resource Room

11:00 Sunday School

Kindergarten – 4th Grade Room F-105
Adult Bible Study Heritage Room
Sermon Discussion Group Resource Room

Safe Sanctuary Policy


The Nursery located in Room E-101 is available and staffed during all four weekend services.

Children with Special Needs

Buddies are assigned to special needs children.

Reminder to Parents

When you pick up your child, please close the door behind you until all children have been picked up.  Thank you!

Sunday School classes contributions to a Burllington County food bank.